Image of a Warner Bros. Elves Campaign asset

Warner Brothers Christmas Elves


Rather than receiving a client brief from Warner Bros. for Christmas, we took on a proactive approach and pitched our idea to them.

You know how everyone hates buying Secret Santa for random colleagues they don’t know? Or how stressful can it be getting a Christmas gift for your stepdad or your teen daughter?

We decided to jump on that consumer “need” and “struggle” by launching the “Warner Bros. Elves” campaign.

The purpose of this campaign was to provide tailored gift recommendations from the impressive Warner Bros. product Catalogue (Boxsets, premium collections, new releases etc) to prominent gifters on Twitter. We set up The Warner Bros. Elves Twitter account to offer a “gifting service” around the Christmas period and post relatable Christmas content.

Image of social media posts for Warner Bros. Christmas Campaign


We developed a consistent brand look-and-feel as well as tone-of-voice that was open, inviting and helpful for the Warner Bros Elves twitter account. We trawled social conversations looking for keywords to help shoppers find the perfect Christmas movie gift for a difficult to buy for a friend, colleague or family member.

Active social community management and a strategic posting strategy allowed us to grow a highly engaged audience and fix a real consumer need.

We took a soft-sell approach allowed us to drive huge volume of sales through Twitter during a busy festive period. The campaign has been nominated for more than 7 industry awards and demonstrates the power of creative thinking and our fan-first approach to social media.

The Elves Campaign over-achieved during a crowded, competitive Festive period. Focussing on a simple premise that played on consumers’ need for suggestions and ideas around Christmas shopping we managed to both engage consumers in our content and push a sales message that felt playful and very natural.

Colin Thomas, Catalogue Manager
Warner Bros. UK

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