Usborne Books


We were asked by Usborne Books to help promote the release of Holly Bourne’s latest YA novel It Only Happens in the Movies. Our main objective was to reach beyond Holly’s vocal fanbase of young women from 13-30 and introduce her to a new audience of digital savvy young women.


We worked with Youtube stars Rose and Rosie to create a series of videos for their Instagram stories where the married couple quizzed each other on their favourite rom-com tropes.

The pair were named Best British Vloggers at BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards in 2017 and their fanbase was a perfect fit for Holly Bourne who has been branded a Bri ish Lena Dunham.

Holly’s book is all about the unreal relationship expectations that women and young girls feel due to the pervasive ‘lessons’ taught by Romantic Comedies and novels. We wanted to debunk these cliches in an authentic, fun and funny way delivered by people that the young fan-base respect that wasn’t preachy or po-faced.

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