Case Study


Building a
challenger brand

Rocket is a fresh option for whoever’s hungry in the Netherlands and Wilderness Amsterdam have helped set up the social channels for the Ukrainian takeaway app’s launch.

Currently, the market is dominated by local company Thuisbezorgd. It’s the preferred option of the Dutch natives and something that gets adopted as par-for-the-course by the large ex-pat community.

food moments

Something we noticed when researching for the launch was that the incumbent company (and the other main competitors Uber Eats and Deliveroo) don’t really ‘do’ social. This meant that we had a chance to not only join the conversation but lead it and we are on the journey of doing so at the same time ensuring we are not shying away from the fact that Rocket is new in town.

We have used the fact that Rocket is an outsider to engage with the locals, the large ex-pat community and the numerous partner restaurants which Rocket need to engage. Our plan is to introduce the food delivery service by celebrating the food moments that bring people together. We’ll explore the city together through comfort food and hidden gems.

has arrvied

If you’ve ever found yourself living in a new place – or seen your hometown through the eyes of someone who’s new to the area you’ll know that it can be very easy to become evangelical about an adopted home.

People often want to explore as much as they can and soak in the experience. That is the way we are approaching the social channels for Rocket in the Netherlands.

Rocket’s new to the area and looking to find out what’s good to eat – in doing so we’ll be sharing local favourites, hidden gems and food that makes us feel at home with the audience.

This approach is designed to make other ex-pats in the Netherlands connect with the brand as they too find their way around what the region has to offer. We’re also looking to engage the native Netherlanders through our enthusiasm for their local delicacies and the support of local businesses.



the talk

We’ve worked with the Rocket team to develop this approach into a tangible brand attitude. In broad strokes, we’re developing a tone of voice that is conversational, honest and authoritative.

We’re using social in a way that is open and inviting, the conversation is two-way and we want to be approachable, witty and engaging in everything we do.

People can see right through marketing-speak and when it comes to finding something to eat they just want to know that it tastes good and the delivery is reliable – that’s what we want to get across on social.

We’re open in our comms about not being a Netherlands native but we’re still an expert on what tastes good and where to get it from.

Content that
makes you stop

We’ve produced comprehensive style guides for Rocket that outline how we’ll look across their channels. From colours & logos to typography & photography we’re making sure that Rocket gets seen.

Our aim is that all Rocket content:

Makes mouths water: people on social love looking at pictures of food and you eat with your eyes first. We want someone to stop scrolling on one of our posts on a Monday morning and be thinking about that burger until they can order it for lunch.

Stops thumbs: whether it’s a fun infographic that makes you want to share, bold type that makes you want to talk or food inspo that makes you want to buy we want all of our content to be attention-grabbing and social-first.

Stands out: the competitors may not be using social very well but we still need to work to become known as a player in the Netherlands. Developing a brand style that is distinctly Rocket is key to this.


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