Case study

Peppa Pig

That time we rode the wave of a major pop culture moment.

followers increase
engagement increase
retweets of one post

a parent

Through fun, creative, active community management and a strong brand tone of voice we’ve re-engaged the parents who follow Peppa to learn about new products, events and to chat with other parents about how much of a sassy swine Ms. Pig is. We’ve delivered social campaigns for Peppa Pig’s first ever music album, her second cinema release and her 15th anniversary celebrations.

Joining in

When Iggy Azalea found out that she would be releasing an album on the same day as Peppa Pig, she quote tweeted us announcing “It’s all over for me now”. We were able to be reactive to the situation and sparked a conversation using an Iggy lyric.
As you’d expect a twitter spat between two music legends was picked up by publications all around the globe. We achieved record breaking numbers on Twitter with our original tweet and an increase in followers unheard of for the brand.
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