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Global Creative
Social Campaigns

In the past five months Wilderness has produced five social-first video campaigns for pan European sports retailer Intersport. Our goal with each was to bring to life the retailer’s core brand proposition – they are The Heart of Sport.

We’ve worked with footballers, weightlifters, models, runners and more to make something authentic, engaging and always optimised for social.

Take it Epic
Take it Easy

Our latest campaign EMEA-wide outdoor category social campaign was developed, produced and delivered by Wilderness Amsterdam, and is inspired by the way consumers have reimagined the way they get away over the last year.

The uncertainty and unease around travel, spending time in crowded places and booking hotels over the past year has created a renewed enthusiasm for quick, local and self-contained adventures in the great outdoors.

The outdoors offers a sense of escape – to take time to breathe and enjoy a moment of mindfulness. It’s a chance to get away from home and find a much-needed release. The key for many people is making these trips adaptable – based on weather, length, and difficulty preference.

As a result, we developed an inclusive campaign concept that places Intersport in a position to offer expert advice about technical product specifications, key hiking locations, trail etiquette, guides on what to pack, as well as inspiration and motivation.

Winter Sports
Magic Moments

Skiers have always got a story to tell. Their experiences may only last a few seconds, they live on in their memories.

The stories will be told for years to come like a personal highlights reels. Just for a moment, no matter how fast you’re going, time stands still, and everything is crystal clear and magical.

Wilderness produced this campaign bringing together previously shot footage from Intersport affiliates.

The All-Weather
Running Club

Some people are put off by the thought of running in the cold and rain. Other people relish the challenge. It’s an exclusive club – but you’re welcome if you’ve got the right attitude.

These runners go no matter what the weather. They look out of the window and think, yep, looks terrible out there. But I’ve got the kit, I’ve got the energy, I’m going out anyway.

If this sounds like you – join the All-Weather Club. All you need is enthusiasm.

Wilderness worked with an Amsterdam-based running club to produce this campaign.

Our City,
Our Style

Sportstyle is about taking the attitude of sport and showing it through your style in everyday life. This sporting attitude lets people express themselves and feel confident in their hometown environment.

Intersport help people find their place in sport – and with sportstyle, their place outside sport. Wilderness produced a shoot in the heart of Barcelona to show part of the range of sportstyle clothing available at Intersport.

Back to Training
Back to Football

After the first lockdown lift we saw our chance to reset. To get back to the heart of sport. We have stripped sport of it’s glitz and wealth, of it’s packed stadiums, and of it’s TV glamour.

It was sport taken back to basics.

Back to the heart of sport. Back to the passion that made us start in the first place. Back to the friends we missed. Back to the sense of meaning and ritual. Back to the amazing.

Wilderness worked with a group of youth footballers and individuals keen to return to the gym to produce this campaign.


Global Reach
Local Approach

Our content is shared with Intersports teams across Europe to be localised and posted to the communities.

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