Case Study


Building a community
of sports enthusiasts

Following a competitive pitch, we began working with INTERSPORT, one of the world’s biggest global sports retailers. We were tasked with defining and setting the course for 2020/21 on social to build a thriving community across Europe for their main brand channel and key category sports channels (Football, Running, and Training). 

We work directly with the global Intersport brand team supporting them with the creative ideation and production of more than 10 social-first creative campaigns across the year.

We have shot content all around the world featuring footballers, weightlifters, yogis, skiers, climbers, runners and more to make something authentic, engaging and always optimised for social.

Global social-first

As the retained global social agency we provide creative ideation, production, and delivery of a series of cross-category social-first campaigns. 

Going beyond the traditional hero film we create an extensive content pack for local market teams to utilize ensuring our campaigns have a truly global reach. Our internal creative team have managed
production shoots across Europe and globally delivering work that authentically gets to the heart of sport.

These pan-European campaigns utilise influencers and talent to activate fans across key sporting categories whilst at the core driving opportunities to retail.


brand partners

We work closely with the Intersport team to support their brand partners such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Reebok to create stand-out social-first campaigns.

Working across retail moments and product launches we create global campaigns that live across Intersport, the partner, and influencer and talent social accounts ensuring that the Intersport brand remains at the centre of the conversation.

We’ve created content across a range of disciplines and sports and featured world-class athletes as well as sports enthusiasts ensuring we represent the heart of sport.

The All-Weather
Running Club

Some people are put off by the thought of running in the cold and rain. Other people relish the challenge. It’s an exclusive club – but you’re welcome if you’ve got the right attitude.

These runners go no matter what the weather. They look out of the window and think, yep, looks terrible out there. But I’ve got the kit, I’ve got the energy, I’m going out anyway.

If this sounds like you – join the All-Weather Club. All you need is enthusiasm.

Wilderness worked with an Amsterdam-based running club to produce this campaign.

Local Market Teams

Our Wilderness Amsterdam team not only support Intersport across their global brand channels, and key sporting categories; football, running, and training we also work closely with their retailer teams across Europe.

Engaging the national organisations, across Europe (in Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Greece amongst others) we support the teams with a local market content pack as well as an array of global assets which they can easily amend and adapt for their own use on social.

Not only that but we also support the local market teams who oversee marketing for retail outlets in each market, with social strategy sessions and guidance and best practices on social content, functions and formats, as well as global and local trend insights.

Wilderness have been a great partner in helping us navigate social at INTERSPORT.

Their balance of strategy and hands-on approach, coupled with a genuine commitment has been highly appreciated both at global and local levels.

Diogo Pinheiro, Senior Manager Global Brand Marketing - Intersport
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