Case Study

Body & Fit

Optimising social
for an online fitness retailer

We were challenged to assess and improve Body & Fit’s approach to social ahead of a global rebrand for the retailer. But we know was that a one-size approach won’t work on social – understanding the audience and the purpose for each platform is key to success.

By assessing the channel performance based on branding, content, engagement and strategic thinking the Wilderness team offered Body & Fit a total refresh of their social approach for 2021.

Social strategy
fit for purpose


Body & Fit are on a mission to help everyone set fitness goals and then aim higher. They offer a range of products, workouts, recipes and supplements that are all designed to help people stay motivated and unlock their potential.

The Body & Fit team came to us on the eve of a brand refresh looking to get their social channels in a place that would serve the fitness community with inspiration, motivation and support in the same way that they do with their products.

Body & Fit offer expert advice on everything from vitamins & diet to training & exercise and wanted their social presence to be fit for purpose and also tell a compelling and engaging brand story.

Working with the Wilderness team has been absolute bliss. During my 13 years of working within advertising, I don’t think I’ve ever met a team as smart, cooperative, and humble as the Wilderness team.

Anneli Rispens, Social & Influencer Strategist - Body&Fit

Defining success
and tracking performance

The Wilderness London team performed a comprehensive refresh of all of the retailer’s channels and delivered detailed social style guides. We offered the marketing team at Body & Fit our social expertise and gave them the insight to optimise each social platform, create content that’s fit for purpose, and make each post as engaging as possible.

Wilderness provided the team detailed guidelines for LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube including insight on content strands, influencer activity and a comprehensive new approach for tracking and assessing performance.



We performed a top-to-bottom audit on all of Body & Fit’s social channels and gave them a list of immediate changes that they could make in order to improve how they appear to users. From the basics (avatars, page livery) to the detailed (how the Youtube ‘about’ sections helps with SEO) we gave the team the insight they were missing to stand out amongst their competitors.

We also provided strategic insights into their current approach offering advice including; why they should merge duplicate misleading accounts on Instagram and Facebook, how best to engage with their existing network on LinkedIn, and a best practice approach to tone, timing and frequency of posting on all platforms.

Content & Copy

We gave the retailer advice on their current creative output. We archived content across channels that were no longer ‘on brand’ and provided insight into which assets could be repurposed and how. Through analysing the output of their competitors and performing analysis of the fitness audience on social we were able to provide context and benchmarks for success moving forward.

Body & Fit were provided with a set of guidelines that outline the role of content across each platform and at every stage of the customer journey. We developed content streams which we helped develop into bespoke content calendars and produced templates for the brand to use in the creation of social assets moving forward.

Our auditing process gave us insight into ways B&F could adapt how they spoke to users in order to drive more engagement and awareness – and ultimately sales. From clearer CTAs to smarter use of hashtags and keywords in posts we helped the team develop more ways to be seen and more ways to interact. We produced guidelines on how to conduct reactive and proactive consumer engagement and offered guidance on how best to work with influencers to further boost awareness for the brand.

for success

Our team gave B&F a framework for reporting that would help them track performance. We provided a rundown of metrics to track and benchmarks for success in order for the retailer to continually be on the lookout for areas for improvement and further optimisations.

The approach we developed and onboarded the team onto would go on to help them gather insights that would lead to better strategic decisions in the future.

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