Case Study

Access All Areas

the mission

Access All Areas are an award-winning theatre company based in Hackney known for their provocative performances led by learning disabled and autistic artists that create intimate moments of interaction between performers and the public.

Through their learning scheme, they’re breaking new ground in training for emerging learning disabled theatre-makers and their wide-reaching Take Part programme, co-led by learning disabled professionals, aims to give learning disabled peers a voice at the heart of the community.

We’ve been running workshops and insights sessions aimed at helping them find new and effective ways to connect on social as we come out of lockdown. The company came to us for help standing out and finding ways to showcase their rebellious, edgy, and forward-thinking mission on social.

Auditing performance
to deliver excellence

While many competitors in the space are using their social as little more than a bulletin board Access All Areas have a chance to be thought leaders.

We produced an in-depth audit of their owned social output, delivered a workshop aimed at helping them get their money’s worth with paid advertising and led them in a range of creative sessions from which the team devised a brand new and highly strategic approach to social.

We took the Access All Areas team through the best and worst elements of their current social output. Finding the most enlightening elements of how they look, talk, and interact on social while contextualising their performance within the competitor landscape and offering examples and ideas for future posting.

We audit performance using criteria including the tone, timing and frequency of posting and aim to get our clients considering whether their output is inspiring, is engaging and right for their brand.

Media &
Creative Session


Our workshop sessions are designed to give teams the knowledge and skills needed to confidently tackle their social marketing challenges.

The paid media 101 session for Access All Areas aimed to help the charity make its marketing budget go as far as possible. We offer insights into how to approach paid messaging and in-depth segments on ad formats, content optimisation and how to approach each platform.

We led multiple working sessions with the digital marketing team in which we helped them to define the core mission of the company and how best to translate it on social. We got the team thinking about ways to make sure every piece of content, every post and every caption can stay true to the theatre’s ethos and stay relevant for the audience. From these discussions, we helped the team develop content strands for the social messaging and specific creative executions that can bring their core vision to life.

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