Case study

A Life on Our Planet

The one where we made
Sir David Attenborough a Tik Tok star.

video views
link clicks
cinema ticket sales

Local relevance
Global reach

Building an audience for Piece of Magic’s global release of A Life on our Planet our approach was rooted in research around interests, local current trends, and most importantly relevancy of the platforms for the territory we advertise in.
Despite targeting typically expensive territories, we were able to drive the CPC down through extensive optimisation and tweaking posts accordingly in regards to targeting, copy, and budgets.

Inspiring audiences
to take action

We brought Sir David Attenborough to Tik Tok driving engagement from a global youth audience as well as running ads on Snapchat in key markets.
We drove over $500K worth of cinema ticket sales, despite COVID restrictions, and inspired a generation to taker action against the climate crisis.

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