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Audience & Platform Analysis

Posted 30.03.20

There is little value in knowing who your audience is if you don’t know where to address it. 

This session has one main aim and that is to help you make the right decisions in terms of platform strategy for your respective audiences. In order to get there, we’re going to take you through the key platforms, a range of approaches for each one and most importantly which ones you should invest in depending on your target audience.

Seth Godin said years ago that you should always aim to build the smallest audience possible. We find this to stand true till today even though it can be tempting to assume that just because we have the ability to reach practically everyone doesn’t mean we should.

Being something for everyone rarely works, especially in the early stages of social media strategy. Being selective and eclectic in our audience positioning across different platforms is what wins fans over time. Once we have a group engaged to start with, that is the smallest audience possible, we can work our way up to make it bigger and therefore branch out to new audiences. But this is something that comes with time.

No one owes you a listen but you owe it to your audience to listen to them. Let’s figure out who your audience is, where it “lives” online and how we can approach it. This is Social Audience & Platform analysis.

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