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Filter is our research and publishing platform exploring youth audiences and future consumers. We delve into conversations and explore themes of identity, culture, and trends that are shaping young peoples lives. 

We publish a quarterly zine in which we talk directly to young people about the issues that matter to them and create industry-leading studies on the latest trends and topics impacting the way young people consume. 

The Changing Nature of Sports Fandom

Gen Zs are consuming less sport than their previous generations. Recent research shows that around 40% of them do not watch any sport at all. We dug into the minds of the youth who do love sport in order to find out how they consume and where they think sport needs improvement.

Our research aimed to uncover what sports content Gen-Z’s are now consuming, where they are consuming, and why. We surveyed more than 1,000 young people from across the UK and found that traditional sports broadcasting needs to change to better serve this audience who now expect flexibility in when they consume content, authenticity in the way it is presented, and importantly it needs to be both affordable and video-led to ensure it is relevant.

Read more about this, and the rest of our findings, in our full industry report.

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Filter #2 – The Culture Issue

In the second issue of our quarterly Zine, we explore how our culture now exists online and the challenges for young people navigating this virtual culture.

From gaming, TV, and music a world of content and experiences is now streamed right to us in our living rooms in an instant.

We explore what this means for future consumers and brands, with expert insight from Robin Garnett, VP & Creative Director for Discovery+, Jona Cox an A&R music veteran with more than 20 years experience, and Junior Foster, Head of Global Artist Relations at music streaming service Deezer.

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The Rise of Video Game Streaming

The gaming industry is booming and the global pandemic has rapidly accelerated its growth, with a predicted global audience of 3.1 billion by the end of 2023.

In our latest industry report, we surveyed 1,000 Gen-Z gamers in the UK to get their take on the phenomenon rise of video game streaming and why it should signal alarm for the wider entertainment industry.

Our research aimed to uncover why Gen-Z’s love gaming, their motivations for streaming, who’s winning in this new space, and what’s next for the growing game streaming industry.

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Filter #1 – The Identity Issue

In the first issue of our quarterly Zine we explore identity and the changing understanding of representation amongst a youth audience.

We uncover how brands should respond to new forms of expression and self-identity and how identity has manifested itself in global youth movements around issues such as climate change.

We also take a deep-dive into our work with Direct Line and creating a youth-focused campaign during the midst of a pandemic.

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