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Paid Media 101 & Theory

Posted 30.03.20

Excelling in Paid Media can take your social presence to the next level – put simply it can help grow your community by targeting users that are interested in your page/brand/message.

There are a lot of negative connotations around ads on Social Media – you probably have first-hand experience of being creepily targeted by ads about shower curtains after speaking about it yesterday. That’s weird – we don’t THINK your phone is listening to you but we wouldn’t be surprised.

If you’re able to look past the shady surveillance feeling and the bad targeting there is a subtle art to managing social ads that can help you fit seamlessly in your fan’s social journey. Many companies who use ads are unaware of how to increase the effectiveness in their Paid Media.

Whether that’s because the process is too complex, the data is too dense or they’re just not aware of what’s possible – and what questions they should ask – we want to use this session to help you gain clarity and show you how you can thrive in this space.


It’s true that content is key but where and how you distribute your message makes ALL the difference. Every channel has its own characteristics which makes it unique and can help you build a presence separately and collectively.

You might be surprised how much data you can find out from your audience without ever interacting with them. This data can be used to show them content that they want to see and appreciate. Of course, there will be users who want to shut you down but the data helps you test and learn to find your ideal match.

This is exactly what Paid Media 101 & Insights is about.