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Social Media 101 & Theory

Posted 30.03.20

In 2020 it’s no longer a question of whether a brand should be on social media – it’s a matter of how well you can leverage the platforms to help achieve your wider goals.

In this session, we will talk through the principles of conscious social communication with the intention of leaving here well-versed at the nuances of social media

Alongside the social insight we’ve identified a range of theories around the drivers for human behaviours and intentions. Combining the two gives us the tools we need to connect with audiences in authentic and personable ways.


Well, number one, we’ve found that people tend to follow brands that think like fans – essentially that think like them, use their language and don’t tell them what to do. Instead they “live” near them and show them a good time. Just like any friend would do.

This means users are much more likely to follow approachable brands with a humanised voice, because they know they are more likely to be acknowledged and responded to. Thinking long-term and developing a relationship will make them come back and eventually buy from you.

Marketing on social media is vastly different to other more traditional outlets. For years marketing has been about broadcast. Getting a message from a brand to an audience. Social media marketing is about a conversation – back and forth. In some cases this can require brands to fundamentally adapt the ways they think about their messaging.

We’ve worked with a wide range of brands from different sectors and there’s one thing we can tell with certainty. A great strategy always boils down to strong planning and understanding of why you should be posting the things you’re posting.

Your posts are essentially the words that come out of your mouth. Just like when you’re having a conversation with someone else,  you want to come across as interesting, fun and smart – while also knowing when to stop and listen to the other side.

This is exactly what Social Media 101 & Theory is about.