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Introducing the Wilderness Social Academy

Posted 30.03.20

Are you looking to upskill your team in social media? Or do you want to become a social media expert?

Brought to you by the award-winning social conversation experts at Wilderness Agency, the Social Academy educates the next generation of social experts and supports teams to upskill.

We’ve created two half-day sessions to take your social knowledge to the next level. You can take single half-day or evening sessions, full-day workshops which include 2 sessions, or 2-day immersions consisting of all 4 sessions. Get in touch now for details of our upcoming program in both London and Amsterdam.


Social Media 101 & Theory
In 2020 it’s no longer a question of whether a brand should be on social media – it’s a matter of how well you can leverage the platforms to help achieve your wider goals.

Audience & Platform Analysis
There is little value in knowing who your audience is if you don’t know where to address it. This session has one main aim and that is to help you make the right decisions in terms of platform strategy for your respective audiences.

Paid Media 101 & Theory
Excelling in Paid Media can take your social presence to the next level – put simply it can help grow your community by targeting users that are interested in your page/brand/message.

Creative & Content Best Practice
In this session, we will tackle both creative and content. Even though you’ll find that these are heavily intertwined with each other, we will touch on all the three key things you need to consider when creating a 360 content strategy and how you can communicate these to your audience creatively.

2020 PRICES:

Single half-day or evening session – £55

1x full-day session (2x sessions) – £90

2x full-day intensive session (4x sessions) – £155


Email socialacademy@wilderness.agency to book your place.