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Introducing the Wilderness Social Academy

Posted 15.03.19

Are you looking to upskill your team in social media? Or do you want to become a social media expert?

Brought to you by the award-winning social conversation experts at Wilderness Agency, the Social Academy educates the next generation of social experts and supports teams to upskill.

We’ve created a range of bespoke packages to take your social knowledge to the next level. Get in touch now to apply for our half-day and full-day training programmes or join the waiting list for our upcoming group workshops taking place in both London and Amsterdam later in 2019.

Half Day Social Media 101 & Theory – what IS social? How to nail the basics.
Social Media Channels Audit – your audience is out there and we can find them.
Platform & TOV Strategy – who do you want to be and how can you achieve this.

Full Day As per half day +
Paid Media Strategy – how do your social channels stack up?
KPIs/Goals Setting & Measurement – the context for success.

Half Day Social Audience Analysis – finding your fans.
Brand & Competitor Analysis – who’s winning, who’s losing?
Social Media Trends & Predictions – keeping you ahead of the curve.

Full Day As per half day +
Paid Media Social Insights – best-practices for targeting your audience.
Platform Analysis & Brand Fit/Positioning – are you getting the most out of social?