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Introducing the Wilderness Social Academy

Posted 15.03.19

Are you looking to upskill your team in social media? Or do you want to become a social media expert?

Brought to you by the award-winning social conversation experts at Wilderness Agency, the Social Academy educates the next generation of social experts and supports teams to upskill.

We’ve created a range of bespoke packages to take your social knowledge to the next level. Get in touch now to apply for our half-day and full-day training programs or join the waiting list for our upcoming group workshops taking place in both London and Amsterdam later in 2019.

Social Media 101
Theory and Business Goals
Platform Analysis & Best Practices
Social Audience Analysis
Setting Benchmarks

Paid Media & Creative
Paid Media 101
Paid Media Insights & Strategy
Creative for Paid Media
Creative Best Practice & Brand ToV