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Creative & Content Best Practice

Posted 30.03.20

What is the difference between creative and content? Marketers, social media managers and even creatives sometimes seem to refer to the same thing in the social media space but we’d like to make a clear distinction.


Your social content is your inventory. The materials with which you will populate your social real estate.

Content is the purview of your Social Strategy team. They need to take guidance from the Creative team on what’s possible but it’s the Strategists who will map out what they want their content to say week on week.

Your Creative is your visual identity. Logos, brand colours, text position, typography, flow – all created with aesthetics in mind but optimised for social.

Creative sits with your creative team. They are you design experts. With guidance from the Strategy team about what’s working (based on insights) the Creatives will make work that stays true to the visual identity while serving a purpose.

In this session, we will tackle both. Even though you’ll find that these are heavily intertwined with each other, we will touch on all the three key things you need to consider when creating a 360 content strategy and how you can communicate these to your audience creatively.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the world of social, a picture can be a video, a GIF, a Story or a group of images in a carousel. But the quote still holds true – your creative content builds conversations through unspoken words. And if these unspoken words communicate the right message, they build trust. And do you know what customer trust brings? Revenue.

This is Creative & Content Best Practices.