Where to engage Gen-Z sports fans

Posted 10.09.21

In our recent industry report, in which we surveyed 1,000 UK Gen Zs and millennials, we found that the main platform they use for sports content is YouTube with 68% of the youth audience favouring the platform.

YouTube ranks higher than TV and streaming for this generation of sports fans. This is followed by regular TV, then Facebook and newcomer TikTok following very close behind. 

Why YouTube is essential
YouTube will continue to be a platform to watch as we’re seeing the general video-isation of social media platforms. Most recently, we’ve seen the rise of TikTok and now Instagram is moving towards becoming a video-first platform too. YouTube is now this audience’s most-used streaming platform at 78.1% ahead of Netflix (77%) and Amazon Prime (51%). Gen Z sports fans want snackable video content that works around their schedules and that’s where brands can win big.

YouTube remains the video platform this audience most regularly engages with too. A staggering 65.2% of young sports fans watch YouTube at least once a day. Their closest competitor, Netflix, lags 9.3% behind, and Amazon Prime is only watched daily by 19.6% of this audience. 

Leave Facebook behind: Only 5.5% of British Gen Z sports fans say Facebook is their favourite social platform, with Instagram leading the pack at 29.3%. Two (and soon to be three) of the top platforms here are video-based, further showing the importance of this format in the sports social landscape.

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