Why brands are polluting our feeds

Posted 20.05.20

Challenges, hashtags, memes, tik toks, videos, likes, retweets, shares and breaking news. I don’t know about you but for me, going on social right now can sometimes feel like information overload.

Covid-19 has us all slightly out of routine and social users are looking for a balance in this very unusual period. 45% of global consumers are devoting more time on social media with over 10% of global consumers creating and uploading their own content, but it’s important to bear in mind that users are focusing their time and energy more selectively.

Now, more than ever, users want to filter out the noise & find safe spaces on social media in which they can join pockets of communities with similar interests. With a lot of negative news surrounding the world it’s important as brands to put out content in moderation. Focus on key messaging and brand values. What are you trying to say to your community right now? As recent studies have shown 70% of consumers want to know where the brands they follow stand, so align yourself and stick to it.



So what does this mean?

It means helping social users filter out the noise. Cut the meaningless content. Not every trend needs to be jumped on, it’s not always about trying to be relevant but whether it’s relevant for the brand. As we often say at Wilderness, if you don’t have anything to say, don’t post. Piggybacking on conversations can very quickly feel forced & disingenuous.

Another 411 is to make sure as a brand you aren’t polluting your followers’ feed with the exact same content across all platforms. Always ask; is it serving a purpose? Does it suit the behaviours of a user on the platform?

If not, adjust the delivery of the content or don’t post across all. Content shouldn’t be a guessing game, you should always have an objective around the target audience and their behaviours. You wouldn’t post a long-form trailer on Tik Tok, so how can you adjust this piece of content for the platform?

Think of each platform like a plant – here me out – some need more sun, some need more water, if you water a plant daily it may thrive, but another may not survive – it’s just like post frequency & content delivery. Social is about understanding the user journey, behaviour and the platform’s algorithm. Long-form, short-form, stills, GIF’s, polls, text-only. Always adjust your content accordingly.

All in all, the key is to stay consistent & allow your channels to be a space your fans want to communicate & engage. This means getting to the crux of the message and making content fresh & fit for purpose.


Safiya Pomell – Senior Strategist Wilderness Agency