The New Normal – Staying Social in Isolation

Posted 11.05.20

A lot has been said about the need for brands to pivot and move with the ever-changing times in order to stay relevant. But it’s hard to know where to pivot to. In the simplest terms, we need to keep in mind that messaging has shifted from outdoor to indoor.

But looking at the way people are interacting online, the way to really stand out as a brand is to start breaking down barriers and show that you understand what people are going through..that we communicate.

As individuals we’re all making brand new connections with each other – our co-workers and clients are being invited into our houses on a daily basis. This breaking down of barriers is exactly the sort of thing brands should be looking to do with their audiences in the coming months. Keep thinking like a brand but experiment with talking like a person.

Jamie Maple, our Strategy Director, has created a guide for brands who want to stay social throughout this crisis with five easy ways to win.

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