The Changing Nature of Sports Fandom

Posted 11.08.21

Gen Zs are consuming less sport than their previous generations. Recent research shows that around 40% of them do not watch any sport at all.

In our latest industry report, we dig into the minds of the youth who do love sport in order to find out how they consume and where they think sport needs improvement.

We surveyed 1,000 UK Gen-Zs and millennials to better understand how they consume sports content and found 5 key areas for brands to focus on flexibility, affordability, gamification, video, and authenticity.

Our research also shows that Gen Z sports fans are reading reports, news and analysis far less than their millennial counterparts and are following sports coverage more so online by catching highlights and clips on social media.

When it comes to engaging the new sports fan, it’s important to focus on bitesize video content instead of longer-form articles and reports as they’re not as keen to spend time regularly reading.

Download the full report below:

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