Supporting Village Water this World Water Day

Posted 25.03.21

We were delighted to support our charity partner Village Water this week for World Water Day. 

The shocking truth is that some 2.2 billion people around the world do not have safe drinking water, as well as this some 4.2 billion people don’t have safely managed sanitation services, and more than 3 billion people lack basic hand-washing facilities. This is just shocking and we are committed to working with Village Water throughout the year to try and affect even the smallest of change in improving access to safe water and sanitation in remote regions of Mozambique & Zambia. 

For World Water Day, on March 22nd we created a social challenge to spread awareness of the average distance travelled by families to access water and to raise money to help provide safe access to clean water and sanitation.

Walk 6km
Donate £6
Nominate 6 people

We raised £797 on the day for our team and supportive partners which will go on to have a huge impact helping 300 people in local villages with donations going directly towards restoring water points throughout Mozambique & Zambia. 

A huge thanks to our whole team, clients, and partners who got involved in the day and helped raise much-needed funds. 

We are excited to see our work continue with Village Water and we have some very exciting plans forming for the rest of the year.

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