Go with Them for Intersport

Posted 02.08.21

Every time the Olympics come round, they inspire us, giving us hope, energy, and passion. For our latest Intersport campaign, Wilderness Amsterdam has created a high-energy global sports campaign featuring stories from Syndey, Oslo, Paris, Berlin and beyond. 

What makes the games so special is that both as a supporter and participant, we can join the Olympians on their journey. We can share their story and, in doing so, know that there are thousands of others around the world doing the same as us.

Our latest campaign for Intersport “Go With Them” encourages fans from across the world who are inspired by the games to not just watch it from afar. Instead to see the parallels between their journey and yours. To feed off their dreams and efforts. To join in and become part of the story of the games.

The campaign includes an array of social content including a high-energy hero video shot across the globe in the lead-up to the games. As well as engaging stories and content to bring fan stories directly into the campaign.

We also create a suite of conversion product-focused content featuring brand partners such as Under Armour, Adidas, Asics, New Balance and more, delivered in a range of European languages to ensure a smooth roll-out across a range of key markets.

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