Building a Strategy for Success on TikTok

Posted 19.11.21

We had the pleasure to recently host more than 100 brands giving them the low-down on all things TikTok and helping them to build a strategy for success. 

A key part of our talk focused not on what TikTok is but on what it represents in terms of a shift both from consumer behaviour and expectation but also in how we think about and plan social media strategies as agencies and brands alike. 

We are moving away from curating glossy, overly produced visual look books for Instagram to a place where a more genuine, human approach to content and communication is required. As full screen, sound on, immersive video becomes the default for many peoples social and mobile entertainment so brands are having to change their approach accordingly. 

For some, this means taking the first step to presenting their brand in a new way, for others it means leaning on content creators. We were delighted to be joined by Sherice Banton, a TikTok creator with over 1.7M followers and who has worked with a number of learning brands on the platform (Amazon Prime Video, BirdsEye to name just two). Sherice shared insight on how brands need to engage creators ensuring they allow space for the creator to make content that works for their audience ensuring it is a mutually beneficial collaboration “when you reach out to creators, please don’t assume they will agree simply because you are offering them payment.”

We’ve created a cheat sheet with a summary of takeaways from the session you can download below:

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