Image of Wilderness Agency social strategy team in London


We believe in the importance of content storytelling and that there is a better way to reach, engage, and maintain an audience then simply broadcasting your message.

Brands are still grappling with how to weave audiences and consumers into their content and as a result, much of what is still being done by brands, businesses, and agencies is broadcast. Much of the industry has taken traditional methods and applied them to digital and now mobile platforms and hoped it would bring them results.

The reality is that audiences, consumers, and fans demand more. They expect better and we think brands who will win both now and in the future are those that tell stories using engaging and impactful content that their fans can play an active part in shaping, we call this Curated Storytelling.

We used to say smart brands
join a conversation.

We now say smarter brands
curate a conversation their
customers actively join.

Meet The Team

Ali Mannering
Senior Strategist
Camilla Whewell
Edie Kelly
Junior Strategist
Dennis Korycki
Content Producer
Emma Schilperoort
Junior Content Producer
Fiona Spellman
Junior Content Producer
Flossie Joseph
Junior Strategist
Jamie Maple
Strategy Director
Jamie Nash
Junior Strategist
Jana Beck
Senior Strategist
Kate Ford
Communications Manager
Kimberly Paul
Junior Strategist
Lucy Willis
Junior Strategist
Mattia Truppi
Content Producer
Owais Tambe
Paid Media Manager
Ridhi Radia
Junior Strategist
Ryan Nair
Junior Strategist
Shannon Pajot
Project Lead - Pack
Sophie Katsali
Lead Strategist
Tom Jarvis
Tony Moss
Head Of Content
Zahra Hasan


We are passionate about fostering a healthy, happy, and positive work culture that encourages creativity and collaboration and supports our teams individual and collective growth.

Following our launch in 2015 we created the Wilderness Wellness Charter a statement of intent, showing our commitment to the health and wellbeing of the people who work for us. We aim to encourage and support our employees physical and mental health.

We have in 2018 launched our Wilderness Wellness Fund, which is be a dedicated annual budget, to be utilised to promote the teams health and wellbeing in the coming year. We are excited about working with a number of partner agencies and organisations to further promote the importance of our teams health and wellbeing.

We are delighted to have given the Mental Health Pledge, in association with Sanctus as a commitment towards creating an open environment where mental health is supported, and people can bring their full selves to work.

We are just getting started on our journey and we are excited about the team we are building to take us there.